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Frequently Asked Questions - Car & Truck Transmission Replacement & Repair from TRC

Q: What does it cost to repair a transmission?

A: The cost varies significantly depending on what's wrong with your automatic transmission. The best place to start is to have your car transmission evaluated by certified professionals.

Q: Why should I buy a remanufactured transmission instead of a used transmission?
Transmissions remanufactured by Transmission Remanufacturing Company are completely disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt to oftentimes better than factory specifications, and fully tested to make certain they will perform like new, or better. Used transmissions, even low-mileage units, are usually from wrecked vehicles, and the condition of these transmissions is not really known until they're installed in your car. Just take a look at our systemized process for tearing down and rebuilding transmissions. You'll be impressed!

Q: Why buy wholesale transmissions from Transmission Remanufacturing Company rather than an original-equipment-manufactured transmission from a dealer?
Transmissions from Transmission Remanufacturing Company often incorporate upgrades that improve the original design. You get a car or truck transmission that performs better than new.  We'll also stand behind our product with a great warranty, helpful support, and expert advice by phone. And because we generally have lower overhead than dealers, you'll probably save money too!

Q: Do you offer high-performance transmissions?
Yes, both automatics and standards transmissions. We offer special billet-lid torque converters and triple-disc clutches, as well as other upgraded internal parts. We can also get hard-to-find parts for vintage transmission restorations.  We also carry high and low stall converters, custom input shafts, drums, frictions, and steels.


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